Road Safety Week 2014 – Look out for each other!

Set up in 1997 the Road Safety Week bought to you by Brake the road safety charity was bought about to raise awareness of road…

Road Safety week bannerSet up in 1997 the Road Safety Week bought to you by Brake the road safety charity was bought about to raise awareness of road safety and teach people how they can be safer on the roads. Every year the road charity Brake organises the event in November and offers marketing and PR benefits to any sponsors of the campaign. Brake uses corporate sponsorships to fund the event and promote awareness through the use of PR and marketing. As a motor trader it’s important that you advise motorists on the changes they can make to save lives, so here are some tips from GoMotorTrade

Each year Road Safety Week has a different theme such as ‘Look out for each other’ or ‘Tune into road safety’ and these themes are used to encourage engagement from stakeholders and help motorists with specific road safety measures.

Stakeholders such as schools, road safety professionals, companies and community groups are the main focus of Brake’s campaign. All marketing work is done to relate and engage with these stakeholders from the time the Road Safety Week finishes and throughout the rest of year. With information on how to participate in Road Safety Week, Brake’s website also helps anyone wanting to get involved who is not a stakeholder. The website also offers a free electronic ‘action pack’ for anyone who signs up using the online form.

Around 8,000 people register on the Road Safety Week website each year and they are all sent an email with guidance, ideas and resources for activities during the week. These activities will help engage staff, students, the public and family and friends by promoting the week’s main message.

Road Safety Week has many ways that you can support the campaign, one being the ‘Brake Pledge’ sponsored by ARI Fleet which asks motorists to promise to stick to these simple rules:


Drivers – I pledge to stay under all speed limits and slow down to 20mph around schools, homes and shops to protect others, especially people who are less aware i.e. children or the elderly. I will drive slow around bends, reduce my speed during bad weather and avoid overtaking.
Everyone – I’ll speak out for slowing down and help drivers understand that the slower they drive, the more chance they have of avoiding a crash and saving lives.


Drivers – I will never step into a vehicle and drive after drinking any alcohol or taking any drugs.
Everyone – I will not get into a car with anyone who has had alcohol and wants to drive. I shall plan ahead to make sure I, and anyone I’m with, can get home safely. I’ll speak out and take action if someone’s about to drive on drink or drugs.


Drivers – I will make sure any child that is under 150cm is in a proper child restraint and that everyone in my vehicle has their seat belts on. I will also make sure that the vehicle I’m driving is safe and well maintained.
Everyone – I will belt up on every journey and make sure my friends and family do too.


Drivers – I will not have my phone anywhere near me whilst I’m driving. I will resist the temptation to answer texts, phone calls or use my phone whilst driving. I will stay focused on the road at all times.
Everyone – I’ll never talk on the phone to anyone else who’s driving.


Drivers – I’ll get my eyes tested every two years and if I need them I will wear glasses or lenses. I’ll take breaks and never drive if I’m tired, stressed or on medication that affects my driving.
Everyone – I’ll look out for family and friends by making sure that they only drive if they’re fit for it and rest if they’re tired.


Everyone – For the sake of road safety, the environment and my health I will walk, cycle or use public transport whenever I can and will minimise the amount I drive especially when I don’t really need to.

All the items in this pledge should already be practised by motorists, but as a motor trader it’s important you make people aware that these small changes can make a huge difference and even save lives! There is so much you can do to promote driver safety which will not only get people thinking but will also make them more aware of the dangers they face while driving, so why not sign up to Brake’s Road Safety Week today?

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