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Traders Insurance for Under 25s

Over the last few years there has been an increase in young people choosing to undertake vocational courses in order to learn hands-on skills. This means that more and more under 25s now work in the motor trade industry, however it’s not always easy for them to find a suitable motor trade insurance policy.

This is why GoMotorTrade works with a number of specialist brokers as we are here to help those under the age of 25 find motor trade insurance. Motor trade insurance for young drivers doesn’t have to be difficult to find, in fact by filling in just one simple online quote form our partners will be able to provide you with a number of options and prices.

Those that choose to hire employees under the age of 25 can also benefit from traders insurance for under 25s as it means that their employees will have the freedom to work with any vehicle. Investing in young motor traders is important here at GoMotorTrade, so if you are tired of not being able to find the right motor trade insurance policy then make sure you try us!

Finding Motor Trade Insurance for Young Drivers

Much like regular car insurance, motor trade insurance providers often see those under the age of twenty five as more of a risk and therefore choose either to refuse cover or charge higher premiums. However, other providers specialise in providing motor trade insurance for under 25s and therefore try and deliver the most competitive prices available.

If you work with those under the age of twenty five it is essential you protect your livelihood with a tailor-made insurance policy. This means that your business will stay safe at all times and you will be able to develop your staff over the years. Once they reach twenty five your motor trade insurance premiums could also decrease meaning the investment in your staff is only short term.

Reducing Traders Insurance Premiums

Even if you are under 25 there are ways that you can help reduce the cost of your motor trade insurance premiums. For example, if you own a private vehicle some providers will take into consideration your no claims bonus as well as the number of years no claims you have on your traders policy.

The price of your motor trade insurance policy will also depend on your occupation as some come with more risks than others. However, even those that work in hazardous areas will be able to find motor trade insurance thanks to our specialist brokers. To find out more all you have to do is fill out an online form and our brokers will call you during a time that you prefer!